Welcome to “The Church Without Walls, Going in a New Direction!”


FMBC is a multicultural congregation serving many ethnicities and generations through 30-plus in-reach and outreach ministries locally and abroad to edify believers and proclaim salvation to nonbelievers.

From the Silent and Baby Boomer generations to the X, Y, and I generations, our ministry leaders, with supporting programs and activities, strive to fully equip congregants with whole-life, Bible-based teachings and practical applications for Christian living.

We work to pastor the local community, both free and bound, by sharing food with the homeless, brotherly compassion with the incarcerated, and leadership training and development with sister ministries and organizations.

Globally, FMBCs ministries touch the lives of children living in poor countries, rebuilds homes and churches destroyed by natural disasters, trains educators to teach the story of Jesus, and shares the Gospel with government officials and prisoners.

Spiritual and personal growth opportunities abound to encourage members to step out on faith to obey God’s command to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations.” Some of us are servant leaders, and others are servant followers, but we are all servants required to do reasonable service in God’s vineyard.